For more information on how to become a sponsor for WUCT, use the Contact form or email us at wuct@su.wustl.edu for more information!

As a completely student-run organization and non-profit, WUSEA cannot run without the support of numerous generous sponsors who have donated resources provided financial support for our programs. We are sincerely thankful to those who have supported its initiative over the last few years.

If you or your organization are interested in funding a specific team, please indicate the team or school when contacting us. We will update each team with the amount of donations through email and keep them up-to-date as to what funds may be needed. Thank you for you interest in helping students come to this competition.

WUSTL logo

Washington University Chemistry Department

We’d like to thank WUSTL’s faculty for their support since the start of WUCT. It was through their help in building our programs and guiding our team that developed our members and leaders.

PLZ logo

PLZ Aeroscience

We continue to thank John Ferring for his generosity in supporting WUCT ever since its conception in 2016. WUCT will continue to inspire future scientists with our national and local programs.

ACS STL logo

American Chemical Society - Saint Louis Section

We share STLACS’ enthusiasm in promoting STEM education in the STL and Midwest area and are grateful for their support since WUCT’s first event in 2016.

SU logo

Washington University Student Union

We thank SU’s counselors for advising our student group and the SU treasury’s support of WUCT since 2017. Their support has allowed WUCT to grow into the student group it is today.

Elysium logo

Elysium Health

We thank Elysium Health for their gifts in 2016 and 2018 that have helped grow WUCT.

Women's Society logo

Women’s Society of Washington University

WUCT 2018 was funded in part by a grant from the Women’s Society of Washington University. WUCT will continue to engage and challenge students with projects within and beyond the university.

Great Rivers Confluence Foundation logo

Great Rivers Confluence Foundation

WUCT 2017 was funded in part by a grant from Great River Confluence Foundation. The team is thankful for their gift and will see to continued outreach and involvement with the Midwest region.

Gephardt logo

Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement

WUCT 2018 was funded in part by Gephardt Institute’s Small Changes Grant. The team will continue to tie its members with the community and impart passion for service.

CS40 logo

Washington University Congress of the South 40

We thank CS40 for supporting WUCT 2018 and will continue to engage residents of South 40 through our events.

EnCouncil logo

EnCouncil — WUSTL

We appreciate EnCouncil’s partnership with us since 2017 and foresee greater STEM-related collaborations with them in the future.

AXE logo

Alpha Chi Sigma - Alpha Epsilon Chapter

We would like to honor AXE for their volunteer support and promotion for our tournament programs since WUCT’s roots in 2015.

Crowdmark logo


We would like to appreciate Crowdmark for their sponsorship in grading technology since WUCT 2019.