Washington University
Chemistry Tournament

What is WUCT?

The Washington University Chemistry Tournament (WUCT) is a national high school chemistry competition held on Washington University’s Danforth campus in St. Louis, MO. We invite high school students across the nation to participate in a series of individual and team-based chemistry exams, engage with college students and faculty, and earn recognition at an awards ceremony. WUCT emphasizes real-world applications of science and encourages problem-solving and teamwork skills.

WUCT also hosts teacher enrichment workshops, led by WashU faculty, to discuss various collaborative learning strategies and critical thinking techniques that Washington University uses in its STEM classrooms.

The event has been hosted annually in April since 2016 and is designed by undergraduate students and faculty of Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL).



I love the collaborative spirit of this competition.

- Teacher | WUCT 2023

I really enjoyed competing in person!

- Competitor | WUCT 2023

It was really amazing and very well done. I was impressed that undergrads put this type of event on for high school students and wish there were more like it.

- Teacher | WUCT 2023

It was a lot of fun, and I hope the tournament continues to go on.

- Competitor | WUCT 2023