Who We Are

Goals & Motivations

By hosting WUCT, our primary goal is to foster an interest and appreciation in chemistry among high school students. We strongly believe that learning is most effective when students apply the concepts they learn in the classroom to a new and challenging environment. By participating in WUCT, high school students can apply their classroom knowledge to a fun and competitive tournament. At the same time, we encourage students to implement their creative thinking and intellectual flexibility during the exams and activities throughout the day. We aim to create an atmosphere that emphasizes modern-day issues in science and focuses on fundamental problem-solving and teamwork skills that are crucial for success in the professional world.

Harshi Gupta

I’m a senior majoring in chemistry and minoring in astrophysics with goals of becoming an oncologist and science communicator. Outside of WUCT, I conduct DNA damage research in the Oltz Lab, volunteer with hospice, and dance on a salsa team. I enjoy foosball and exploring different cuisines.

Abhishek Sethi

I am a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I enjoy conducting research in nanoparticle engineering and biomedical imaging. In my spare time, I like to teach, read literature, and play tennis.

Peeti Sithiyopasakul
Logistics Co-Chair

I'm a senior majoring in Biology. Outside of WUCT, I work as a EMT in the St. Louis area and the IT department at WUSTL, conduct research at the Wang Lab, and a member of AXE and Heart for the Homeless. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and hanging out with friends.

Eric Hsu
Logistics Co-Chair

I’m a junior majoring in neuroscience. Outside of WUCT, I am a researcher in the Brody Lab and also spend time coaching Science Olympiad and Science Bowl at Wydown Middle School. I enjoy eating, reading, and anything else that will allow me to continue procrastinating.

Daniel Khan
Question Writing Co-Chair

I’m a senior studying chemistry and biomedical engineering, involved in solid-state chemistry research. I am working to synthesize nanoparticles that can be used as biological probes. I tutor physics and enjoy keeping up with my favorite sports teams in my free time.

Aadit Shah
Question Writing Co-Chair

I’m a sophomore studying biomedical engineering and bioinformatics with hopes of becoming a physician. I currently conduct research on antiviral treatments for flaviviruses (like Zika) and am a Calculus RPM. In my free time, I love practicing Chinese and watching stand-up comedy.

Hari Anand
Community Outreach Co-Chair

I'm a senior majoring in Biology and minoring in History and Healthcare Management. Outside of WUCT, I am a researcher in the D'Arcy Lab and a member of Partners in East St. Louis and Diversity Affairs Council. In my spare time, I love to try new food and explore St. Louis.

Nancy Zhou
Community Outreach Co-Chair

I'm a senior studying biochemistry and computer science from San Jose, CA. When not conducting research, teaching, or volunteering, I can be found browsing Yelp and convincing myself to get physical activity.

Kendall Sputo

I'm a senior majoring in Biology and Psychological & Brain Sciences. I'm a research assistant in the BRAINLab and a volunteer at the Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital & the Cerebral Palsy Sports Rehabilitation Program. I enjoy discovering new music, watching comedy shows, and adventuring around St. Louis.

Shadi Davari
Head Webmaster

I am a sophomore from Maryland studying computer engineering and financial engineering, and I'm very interested in FinTech. I am also a part of Cubic LLC and Design for America on campus. My hobbies including working with kids, trying new restaurants, and driving.

Alana Dinh
Budget & Fundraising Chair

I'm a junior from St. Louis majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology and Design. As ordained by pre-med life, I work as a research assistant, and science tutor. If I'm procrastinating, I can be found drawing on my tablet, playing piano, or overanalyzing video games.

Ellen Peng
Public Relations Chair

I am a sophomore on the pre-med track but currently undecided. I'm considering majoring in PNP. I love Asian culture, especially the food associated with it, as well as the music. As a result, I'm part of PL4Y, WashU's Asian pop dance group. I also love food, so I often try to go out and eat somewhere new.