Introduction to WUCT

The Washington University in St. Louis Chemistry Tournament (WUCT) is a new, annual high school chemistry competition completely run by Washington University undergraduate students. In our tournament, students from across the United States will participate in a series of chemistry exams at Washington University in St. Louis, take part in engaging activities throughout the day, and be rewarded at an awards ceremony in the evening.

Goals and Motivations

By starting WUCT, our primary goal is to foster an interest and appreciation in chemistry among high school students. We strongly believe that learning is most effective when students apply the concepts they learn in the classroom to a new and challenging environment. By participating in WUCT, high school students can apply their classroom knowledge to a fun and competitive tournament. At the same time, we encourage students to implement their creative thinking and intellectual flexibility during the exams and activities throughout the day. We aim to create an atmosphere that emphasizes modern-day issues in science and focuses on fundamental problem-solving and teamwork skills that are crucial for success in the professional world.

More Information

For more information about Washington University in St. Louis, please take a look at the University’s homepage here. For more information about our Chemistry Department, please visit the homepage here.