This page covers topics on scoring and tournament policies.


Competitors should bring writing implements including but not limited to: pencils, erasers, blue or black ink pens. Spare pencils or pens can be provided with notice during or before the team’s check-in.

Students will be allowed to use a non-programmable calculator for all rounds in the competition, and calculators will be checked at the beginning of the individual exams. Programmable Calculators are prohibited. Examples of allowed calculators include TI-30, TI-34, etc. Examples of prohibited calculators include, but are not limited to TI-83, TI-84, Nspire.

Competitors may not use any other resources of any form, including rulers, protractors, compasses, etc. They will be supplied with equation sheets, constants, periodic tables and sufficient scratch paper to complete the exam. Team round rooms will come equipped with chalk or markers and eraser for use on its blackboards and whiteboards.

Use of electronic devices during any of the exams is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification for the entire team. Cell phones must be turned off, and watches must be removed.


WUCT will no longer be using a post-scoring weighting system. Scores will be based on raw points assigned to each question in the exam, therefore rankings for individual and team exams are decided by raw score. To avoid fluctuations in difficulty, topic exams will be normalized.

Director’s Award

For overall winners, each round will contribute a certain weight to the cumulative score. Please note that a specific scoring algorithm is used to normalize across the exam rounds, therefore raw scores will not be used to determine the contribution of each round. The details of this scoring system will be shared to teams in January. The contribution from each round is roughly outlined below:

  • Individual Round: 0%
    Please note that the weight of this exam round has changed from past years.
  • Topic Rounds: 30%
    The average of the three different topic exams for a team are multiplied by this weighting factor.
  • Team Round: 45%
  • Breaking Bonds: 25%
    In the event that there are ties for the Director’s Award, this round will be used to break the tie.

Please note that ties will not be possible for rankings. During the grading process, the WUCT grading team will analyze the relative performances on each exam question to determine the most difficult question on the exam. The individual/team with the best score on this question will be the winner of the tie. Also, in the event that each team has the same score on the hardest question, the second hardest question will be used to break the tie. For Breaking Bonds, ties are broken in favor of teams that completed more difficult problem sets.


Any errors found on WUCT’s exams before the beginning of an examination will be written on the room’s blackboard by the proctors or announced at the start of the round. Immediately after the conclusion of an examination round, all answers pertaining to the exam’s questions will be posted on WUCT’s website. Teams are encouraged to review these answers as soon as possible and report to the check-in area to notify the grading team of any corrections to be made to the key.

However, teams will need to adhere to the following strict deadlines for submitting appeals. Failure to do so will result in the grading team being unable to accomodate score changes.

  • Individual & Topic

    All appeals must be submitted by the end of the lunch period.

  • Team & Breaking Bonds

    All appeals must be submitted by 4:15 PM (CDT), or if there are adjustments to this time, by the time specified by the proctors at the end of the Breaking Bonds round.


As with any national tournament, competitors and their guardians are expected to be of good sport. Since WUCT occurs on a college campus, visitors are expected to respect the property and safety protocols of the university. Volunteers and staff of WUCT are expected to be courteous to all participants.

Cheating Policy

This purpose of these examinations is to evaluate the problem-solving and teamwork abilities of each contestant. Attempting to improve one’s own performance or gain an advantage on any examination by dishonest means will be considered cheating.

Cheating may include, but is not limited to, utilizing prohibited examination aids (e.g. cheat sheets, programmable calculators, cell phones, etc.), copying off of others’ exams, or unauthorized communications with others. Individuals caught cheating will be disqualified from competing in the rest of the tournament, and any previous scores will be thrown out. Since the team would be incomplete, the team would not qualify to receive any awards for team, breaking bonds, or the director's award. However, since the team's incomplete status is assumed to be due to individual actions, WUCT will allow the other members of the team to receive individual and topic round awards.


In the case of a medical emergency, call Washington University’s Emergency Support Team at (314) 935-5555. If calling from a campus phone, dial 5-5555. To report any suspicious or criminal activity, please contact Washington University’s Police Department at the same number, (314) 935-5555.