Sample Problems & Solutions for WUCT 2017

Sample Problems: Individual Round

Sample Problems: Chemistry of Life

Sample Problems: Chemistry of Industry

Sample Problems: Chemistry of Coffee

Sample Problems: Team Round

Sample Problems: Breaking Bonds Round

Solutions: Individual Round

Solutions: Chemistry of Life

Solutions: Chemistry of Industry

Solutions: Chemistry of Coffee

Solutions: Team Round

Solutions: Breaking Bonds Round

Individual Round:

This exam may test a broad set of general chemical concepts, requiring both numerical answers or written justification. The span of topics will closely follow that of the individual exams from WUCT 2016, but condensed into a single 1-hour exam.

EDIT: The solution to 1. a. ii. has been changed-
Molecular oxygen is the oxidizing agent and glucose is the reducing agent.

Chemistry of Life

A group of two students will work together on this exam. Basic chemical principles will be applied to the study of biomolecules (proteins, lipids, nuclei acids, and carbohydrates). Knowledge of organic chemistry or biochemistry will not be required because we will focus on concepts from introductory chemistry in the context of biological systems.

Chemistry of Industry:

A group of two students will work together on this exam. Popular processes and concepts related to chemical engineering and industrial chemistry will be examined, including but not limited to synthetic processes and processes associated with energy generation.

Chemistry of Coffee:

A group of two students will work together on this exam. Everyone knows coffee is one of the most important tools of a functional chemist. This exam will test basic chemical principles as they relate to the drink itself and the process of growing, processing, or brewing coffee.

Team Round:

Like the individual round, this exam may test a broad set of general chemical concepts. As all six students are allowed to work on this exam, though, the questions will require more in-depth interrogation of the ideas behind each problem.

Breaking Bonds Round:

In place of the relay round from the previous year, WUCT 2017 will be implementing the Broken Bonds Round. This will be a fast-paced, 60 minute round. Each team will receive a packet of 3 questions, of their chosen level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard). This question set will be completed at the team’s own pace and organization. Upon completion of the questions, the entire packet will be turned in and a new question set can be chosen, at the same or different difficulty. These questions will be drawn from a broad range of general chemistry topics.