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Co-Director/Founder Harshi Gupta: Harshi Gupta is a junior studying chemistry and astroparticle physics with aspirations of becoming an oncologist and science communicator. He coaches middle school students in science bowl, tutors high school students in science and math, and conducts molecular oncology research at the WashU medical school. Harshi really enjoys swing and salsa dancing and playing the electric guitar.

Logistics Chair: Peeti Sithiyopasakul: Peeti is a junior studying biology and healthcare management. He is an EMT-B, a research assistant in the Wang Lab at Washu, a board member of the Washington University Athletic Band and works with the IT department. Peeti enjoys reading among a multitude of other activities.

Question Writing: Alan Lu: Alan is a senior studying biochemistry. In his small amount of free time that he is not doing homework or working on preparing WUCT exams, he likes to play the violin in various groups on campus, as well as tennis and squash. Alan is a research assistant in the Strader Lab in the Department of Biology, as well as a teaching assistant for introductory general chemistry lab. His most impressive skill is being able to drink a vaguely disturbing amount of coffee per day.

Budgeting and Fundraising: Michael "Jack" Sun: Michael is a junior studying Biochemistry and Economics and Strategy. He is a board member of the Take Steps for Kids 5k/1 mile Running Project and Club Running and also a member of Natural Ties. Michael much rather prefers eating savory things to sweets.

Co-Director/Founder: Abhishek Sethi: Abhishek is a junior studying biochemistry and biophysics. He enjoys teaching math and science concepts to students as well as participating in STEM outreach efforts. During his time away from academics, WUCT, and his X-ray crystallography research in protein-antibody interactions, Abhishek plays basketball and is currently training to run a marathon next year.

Question Writing: Alex Chen: Alex is a junior studying neuroscience and theoretical mathematics. He is an undergraduate researcher at Wash U's Systems Neuroscience and Neuromorphic Engineering Lab, a member of Lambda Sigma sophomore honorary and a program leader for WUSTL's Science Olympiad Coaching program. Alex enjoys sharing with others his passion for science, reading, and swimming.

Public Relations: Kendall Sputo: Kendall is a junior studying biology and psychology. She is a research assistant in the BRAINLab at WashU, a member of Lambda Sigma sophomore honorary, and regularly volunteers with other students in a neuroscience interest group. Kendall spends a lot of free time on the Internet reading about cool science and looking at photographs of cute dogs.

Community Outreach: Nancy Zhou: Nancy is a junior studying biochemistry and computer science. She is a research assistant in the Marshall Lab, a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, and works as a scribe at the local hospital. In her spare time, Nancy enjoys watching Netflix, cooking, and hiking.

Webmaster: Shadi Davari: Shadi is a freshman studying computer engineering and financial engineering. She enjoys making websites beautiful, working with kids, and participating in women in STEM outreach. She is a part of Cubic LLC and other groups on campus.